Rona Keller

surprise print package 'Spring'

10 EUR / In stock.

Those afternoons when the spring sun doesn’t reach the inside of the house yet and you’re filled with fatigue and a little bit of loneliness – Your bed is most comfortable on days like those, for it swallows your cold feet and with them all your worries. But always remember, when you have to leave your comfort zone again, the sun will be out there to warm you up. Remember the crisp air that wakes you up from a long winter, and the first blossoms of the trees you pass on your way. Remember that spring brings along new inspiration, motivation and a bright vision for all that the world has to offer. This print package contains 12 of my photographs, printed on matte 10x15cm (4x6inch) paper that were taken during those moments of forgiveness and recreation that spring always brings along. :)