Rona Keller

surprise print package 'Summer'

10 EUR / In stock.

We all have that one summer we always think back to, when we felt young and free and all that mattered were the people we had by our side on all those little adventures we call memories now. When the brightest season of the year rolls around again, we are suddenly taken back to all that we once did and felt, and it seems to be easier to get up in the morning. In midst of all those sunny and carefree days, the fleeting moments of yet another summer, we often forget about the hard moments. But always remember to allow yourself to spend a gloomy day curled up in bed reflecting on everything that happened, everything you want to remember. This print package contains 12 of my photographs, printed on matte 10x15cm (4x6inch) paper that were taken during those diverse moments, happy and joyful, contemplative and quiet, that summer always brings.